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Herbal Medicine - No-Longer-Available
Life in the Medicine is a valuable textbook for any herbal classroom or grower, and Leslie Gardner teaches you how to tune into growing on an intuitive level, how to infuse your plants with the lifeforce they need, and how to harvest for optimal medicinal potency. Uniquely focused on conditions necessary to capture the peak medicinal energy of each botanical, and to ensure the best quality for your own medicines or when selling to a medicine maker. Contains detailed information on origins, growing conditions, propagation, and proper harvesting, handling, and drying techniques for 100+ medicinal herbs.

Ritual Music


Small, everyday rituals become more joyful with music, and Songs For Earthlings: A Green Spirituality Songbook provides songs for every occasion: holidays, Earth songs, celebrations, Goddess songs, Earth/Air/Fire/Water songs, songs for sadness and joy, prayer and praise.
It even contains a section on teaching yourself to read music. A wonderful treasury of music for Pagans and their families.

One of the largest celebrations of the Earth-year is Winter Solstice, and to celebrate we offer A Winter Solstice Singing Ritual, which comes as a complete ritual kit with a narrator’s script, music for 15 songs, readings, all performance rights, and a CD with all of the music both in performance and as teaching tracks. This ritual has been presented by church groups, circles, and choirs around the country, and is particularly popular with Unitarian Universalist Churches and their CUUPS groups.



Life Passage Rituals -

A large ritual, such as a wedding, calls for vows that are very specific: what exactly are you promising this person? What promises can you make with an open and loving heart? Promises to Keep: Crafting Your Wedding Ceremony helps you plan your vows and your ceremony — which is, after all, the whole point of the day!

And another life passage - the death - asks for careful attention to numerous details — all done while you’re sick with grief and finding it difficult to cope. Remembering a Life: On the Death of Your Beloved gives deeply compassionate help from a woman minister’s wisdom, courage, and a loving heart. Although we all try to insulate ourselves from death, this comprehensive manual belongs on every family's bookshelf, to have before the need arises.